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Alison Cauchois

Children in the landscape. New blog on m

The Green Boutique was established in 2015 to combine my love of Landscape Architecture with my family life.  The Boutique helps to create great landscapes that homeowners can love and grow.


My passion for landscapes has been with me since I started my Landscape Architecture degree at the age of 18, and it has grown from there.  I enjoyed many years working as an Associate in a prestigious landscape firm in London.  Projects were large and challenging, but we still maintained a keen eye for detail.  We also specialized in educational landscapes.


Now I find myself drawn to the smaller scale, and I love the thought of the family being involved with the design and maintenance of their garden.  It doesn’t need to be onerous, simple weeding and watering, and the children can learn to value the green space around them.


Lately I have developed another new passion,  the "edible garden", planting fruits, veggies and herbs amongst the decorative plants.  Children take pride in the veggies that they have grown, and will often try foods that they haven't liked before.   Many of my designs will see sneaky herbs as groundcovers, or my favourite hedge along any wall is the espaliered fruit tree, any type of fruit,  I'm trialling over 12 types in my own garden (some better than others!).


I'm a little old school, in that I still  love to hand draw designs, a quick perspective sketch can tell a 1000 words and convey the design in my head to my client.  I still have the power of AutoCAD and Photoshop at my fingertips for the more detailed and graphic presentations.

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