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The Design Process

Garden design

Edible gardens

Townhouse complexes


Site Meeting

This initial meeting is to discuss the project requirements in detail and to create a garden-specific brief.  How you use your garden, how you would like to? How much maintenance you can carry out, how you would like your garden to look, the style of gardens and plants that you like, and your budget expectations to create this dream.  

In this discussion we will also give you feedback and our first initial ideas. We will discuss if the aspirations for the garden are achievable and if other ideas could add value and use to your garden.  We will also identify any site constraints or issues that we see at that time, whether any survey work may need to be undertaken to achieve the design, and if the role of other professionals are required. (Such as engineers, surveyors or council certifiers


We also take a few photographs of the site).

1 hour visit is allowed for this meeting.

Sketch Design

Sketch design is often the most important step in the design process, as is it a crystallisation of the design ideas and sets out the design intent of the garden.
For some people, sketch design is enough to form the vision for their garden.  Others (particularly larger gardens being completed by landscape contractors) will progress to detail design.
Hand drawn plans showing the design intent for the open space, including all the hard and soft areas.  Some projects will include 3D perspective hand sketches to convey the design ideas, and also precedent images showing finished examples of completed landscapes.
A proposed planting and hard material pallet, which is a compilation of photographs of the plants and hard materials chosen for the design. 

Detail Design

Detail design further develops the sketch design into a documentation for construction.

This is particularly suited to large or complex designs implemented by professional contractors.

Planting plans and schedules
Hard material plans
Setting out and levels where appropriate 
Construction details as required

Development Applications

Development Application plans for gardens are required where there are two or more dwellings, such as town houses and unit developments.

Black and white or colour (council dependent)  scaled hard materials, and planting plans to the local council requirements
Design and Construction Certification if required.

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