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​​​​My first blog....

I established The Green Boutique in 2015. In the last few years I have greatly enjoyed changing the gardens of Brisbane, one garden at a time. I take great pleasure in designing gardens for families. How they use their own land and space, to its best advantage. How they now have greenery that is thriving, as using the right plant in the right place, is an old saying but one that is still very true. Many chats I have had where a client has spent so much money choosing plants at Bunnings only to be disappointed as they fail.

On this blog, I aim to talk about my passions in the landscape and design ideas.

A few of my passions that I shall endeavor to enlighten you all wi

landscape design
Me hiding in a community garden

th, would be, the edible garden, if you can eat it you pretty much should grow it. The riot of colour that is Brisbane's tropical landscapes, how children can help and design and play and eat and pretty much anything in the garden.

I hope you will follow me on this journey......


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